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Happy Father's Day 2018

On behalf of all on the Executive Board, General Board and everyone at Ed Walsh Little League, we want to say thank you and wish all the dads, especially those that are Managers, Coaches and volunteers, a Happy and Healthy Father's Day .


by posted 06/15/2018
2018 Little League Bat UPDATE

Little League® International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information, that includes the latest bat information, current Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists.

Please note that as of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard will be implemented. Little League-approved baseball bats that are approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018. For more information on the USABat standard and a complete list of bats approved through the USABat Standard, visit usabat.com.

This page was last updated on September 21, 2017.

by posted 10/19/2017
Concession Stand


Concession Stand is run by volunteers so any helping hand is greatly appreciated

*********Credit Cards not accepted*******


by posted 04/06/2015
Field Status
Avery - Meriden OPEN (6/19) 
Batting Cages-1 - Meriden OPEN (6/19) 
Batting Cages-2 - Meriden OPEN (6/19) 
Carabetta - Meriden OPEN (6/19) 
Ed Walsh LL Complex - Meriden OPEN (6/19) 
EWLL Concession Stand - Meriden OPEN (6/19) 
FJ Kogut - Meriden OPEN (6/19) 
FW Kogut - Meriden OPEN (6/19) 
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